Monday, 30 December 2013

Battle of Big Bethel

Sometime last year, I received an email from a Mr. Edward B. Hicks. He was co-authoring a book on the Battle of Big Bethel and had come across this site during his researches. He kindly asked if he could use a copy of my picture of John Stewart Walker in the book.

Well, late last year, I received a package containing a copy of the book, Battle of Big Bethel: Crucial Clash in Early Civil War Virginia by J. Michael Cobb, Edward B. Hicks, and Wythe Holt. On page 111 is a little black and white image of my ancestor, John Stewart Walker.

I haven’t had a chance to read the book, but it is now near the top of my reading pile. It appears the authors have assembled all of the available data to create the definitive account of this small battle.

I’ll give a full review once I’ve read it.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

J.S. Walker's Letter (14 Jan 1862)

Camp Deas, near Young’s Mill,
14th January, 1862.

My very dear Wife:

            I fear that my letter a day or two ago made you sick. I hope not. It was not so intended. Since writing, the fleet has sailed, and we are soon to have comparative quiet, with cold, bad weather.
            I want you to send me down anything good you can in the eating line which will keep, such as sausage, corned beef, tongue, etc. Capt. Mayo has just gone up and will be in Richmond by the time this reaches you, and he will bring down anything you have to send say hams of bacon, etc. I have had nothing fit to eat for several days.
            The officers of this Regiment gave a supper Monday night to the Field Officers of the neighboring Regiments. Gen. Magruder &c were all there. I had to go, tho I had no disposition. With the exception of a cracker and a small piece of tongue I ate nothing, and came off very soon, having no taste for anything of that kind. Thompson Brown stayed with me, having been one of our guests.
            Capt. Mayo says if you will send anything to him for me down to the dock to Lieutenant Kensey Johns that it will come all safe. David Walker will attend to it for you.
            I am writing in great hurry to send off  immediately, so excuse haste. Give love to all and kiss my dear children.

                                                Yours very affectionately,

                                                            Jno. S. Walker