Thursday, 4 November 2010

A Southern Accent, where I come from

Hello and welcome to ‘What color is butternut’, my new blog devoted to the Civil War, little toy soldiers, and family history. To me, these three things are closely linked, and I hope that keeping this online journal will help focus and encourage my further explorations into the hobby.
Now, before I get down to it, there are a few things I want to say. First off, I’m glad the North won. I’m glad that the disgusting practice of slavery was abolished and saddened that my ancestors had anything to do with it. I also believe that the United States is a stronger, better place for being forcibly held together. Despite all of that, I freely admit that my interest mostly lies with the Confederacy for a number of reasons:
1.       I’m a tarheel born, I’m a tarheel bred.
I was born in Greensboro, NC, the last encampment of the army of Joseph E. Johnston before he surrendered. I got my degree in history from UNC at Chapel Hill.
2.       I have at least five direct ancestors who fought for the Confederacy, most notably Col. James McCullough of the 16th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry Regiment. I’d like to learn all I can about them.
3.       I’ve always had a soft spot for the underdog.
That is not to say that this is a Confederate only blog, far from it. I just ask your forgiveness if I show an occasional southern bias.


  1. Great site, created by a genius. Love, Mom

    (actually, this is Dad)

    Might be good to post this original entry over on the left as "Post #1" and recommend all new-comers read it so they get a sense of where you're coming from.

  2. Did any of your ancestors fight at Gettysburg? I have an ancestor who enlisted in a Pennsylvania regiment right before the battle, we think he fought there (I'd have to get the details from my Aunt). Maybe our ancestors fired at each other at Gettysburg, heh.

    Speaking of which, apparently the Gettysburg battlefield has been drastically revamped, my parents were up there recently and said it was gorgeous. I'm planning to go up there soon myself.

  3. Good stuff! btw, was that Col. James "Randolph" McCullough of the 16th? Just to set the record straight.

    James Randolph McCullough ;)

  4. The Col. wisely kept his middle name under wraps so his great-great-grand-kids could fight it out. Really, Randolph vs. D'alvigny, there's a match-up.

    Doug - One of my great-granddads, Charles S. F. D'alvigny fought with Cobb's Legion Cavalry, which was at the battle of Brandy Station in the lead up to Gettysburg. I've got to do some research - I'm guessing he took off with Stuart for the first part of the battle, but might have showed up at the end.

  5. Hee Joe,

    Great to hear you are a Southern. My favourite is also the CSA. Not (as you mentioned) because of the slave thing (in which we Dutch had some influence too, something I'm not proud off) but because of the way the Southerns wanted to live and kept holding on there believings (btw of all the Southerns who fought the war only a small group did actually had any slaves).

    Further I wish you a lot of fun with this nice blog