Sunday, 14 November 2010

1st Division, Confederate Army of Oxford

In the subset of wargaming known as ‘The Old School’ there is a concept called the ‘Imagi-nation’. Usually, these are fictional, 18th-Century German principalities. Wargamers create these imagi-nations so that they can develop their own armies, with fictional uniforms and commanders, and fight their own battles within a frame-work of actual military history. Now, despite the seriously cool hats, my interest in 18th century European warfare is limited, but the rest of the idea really appeals to me. So, a few months back, I decided to build my own imagi-army, the Confederate Army of Oxford, and I have just finished the 1st Division.
The 1st Division consists of two brigades of twenty figures each. It is commanded by Brigadier-General Elias Oakland.  Please let me know what you think!
Click on the image to enlarge it:

1st Division, 1st Brigade

Brig. Gen. Elias Oakland

1st Division, 2nd Brigade

Unfortunately, all my group shots came out a little blurry, but hopefully you get the idea. My goal for the Army of Oxford is to have two infantry divisions, one cavalry division, and a two gun battery. After that, I can begin working on their Union opponents.


  1. Very nice, although I suspect there are some Federal holdouts in Osney County...

  2. Very nice painting...You must have a lot of research to do with all the relatives you have that fought for the Confederacy, that must be pretty exciting. My blog is also partial to the Confederacy. I collect Civil War and Civil War veterans memorabilia, mostly Southern. My wife has relatives that fought for the North, I keep asking her, are you sure you dont have any relatives that fought for the South?? No luck. A seargent that was with the 113th N Y Inf. and a surgeon that was with the 100th U.S. Colored troops.
    I have an uncle that was at the bombing of Pearl Harbor, my fathers twin brother was at the battle of Normandy and my father was with the 4th Marine Raiders at Iwo Jima and Guadacanal., and not one of them ever talked about it. Well I guess I got to stop ramblin on...I'll talk to you again.


  3. Captain Richard - thanks for stopping by. I'm a big fan of the work that you've put up on your own blog - and seriously envious of that games table you've got! Once I get my army assembled, it isn't clear where I'm going to deploy them, but we'll see.

    I am lucky to have had a series of relatives through the generations who were interested in genealogy, so it has been pretty well mapped out. It has been seriously fun tracking down their military careers. Believe it or not, there is one who fought for the Confederacy - and Napoleon!