Tuesday, 19 April 2011

J. S. Walker's Fifteenth Letter

Camp Adams,
King’s Mill Warf,
4th July, 1861

My very dear Wife:

       I only write to let you know that I am well and anxiously awaiting a letter from you announcing that you are well again.
       I have been busy with my company two days throwing up entrenchments, but today being 4th July we have holiday during the middle of the day.
       Dr. Parker will be down on Saturday. I hope you will write by him and let me know how you all are.
       We seem to be stationed here and likely to remain for some time. It is as healthy as any of this country, and we have very good water and ice if necessary.
       Give my love to all friends and a kiss to my dear children, and be guided in whether you think it advisable to leave town by your own judgment. If any of the children should be ill, let me know.

                                                                Your affectionate husband,
                                                                                Jno. Stewart Walker

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