Monday, 2 May 2011

J.S. Walker's Sixteenth Letter

Camp Adams,
King’s Mill Warf,
6th July, 1861

My very dear Wife:

                I cannot let the opportunity escape of writing by Lieut. Rady, who goes up today, tho I have only to report my continued good health and everything quite in the camp and surrounding country. It may be but the lull before the approaching storm, it may be the premonition of permanent peace. Whichever it is leaving with the Lord, I pray for grace to do my duty, to live for and love him as I ought, quiet moments when I am allowed to enjoy them prove I hope times of spiritual profit, to face our evil hearts and judge them by the Lord’s standard shows us the sin therein, as far as the Lord wills, for if with the piercing eye of the Almighty we could at a glance see their whole enormity I fear divine grace could hardly sustain poor fallen humanity, the (unreadable) of heaven for purifying the human heart demands our admiration if not our continued praise.
                If you want to send down anything, Rady will bring it or tell you of opportunity to send it. Be sure and let me know the state of your health, and the dear children who you will kiss, and remember me to all friends and relatives.
                We are looking for stirring runs from the Potomac line every day.

                                                                Yours very affectionately,

                                                                                Jno. S. Walker.

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