Saturday, 5 May 2012

J. S. Walker's Thirty-Fourth Letter

Camp Deas,
near Youngs Mill
31st Oct., 1861.

My Dear Wife:

                I have not written for a day or two, having nothing to write about except that my health is excellent, and if it is at any time otherwise, I will be sure to let you know it.  I received your letter enclosing one from Johnny, which while it was interesting I lament to see that Kirk has taken to his cups again and have no doubt your way of accounting for it is the right one.  Pray for him and all others who may by their ill advised conduct force him to it.  Prayer alone can save, while council judiciously given may have its weight.
                We have not seen the enemy, nor as I have before written you, do I believe we shall in any force for some time.  In the meantime we are in tents and likely to so continue for some time. I have to go with my Company on Picket this morning and must consequently be brief.  I am waiting with some anxiety to know where we are to winter, in order that I may have you and the children near me for a time, since I cannot go to you for the present.
                I shall upon the first favourable opportunity send up all my summer clothing, which is fully well worn out. I am fully well provided with winter stock, and with the buffalo robe, which is the greatest comfort, can keep warm.  I want a tent stove, which David has promised to send me. When we get better fixed I will order anything I want.  In the meantime, if you want to send me something, send it by express which leaves here twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays for Yorktown to care Wm. H. Harris, Jr. directing to me, Co. B, 15th Regt. Va. Vols.
                Ask David if he got a check I enclosed to him and let me know. Kiss the dear children, and give my love to all friends.  Will write more at length when I have more time.

                                                                Yours very affectionately,
                                                                                Jno. S. Walker

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