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J.S. Walker's Letter (15 Jan 1862)

15th Jan., 1862.

            Since hurriedly writing the above, I find I was too late to send it, the person having gone, but another opportunity presents itself, of which I will avail myself. You had better send at the same time the books. Mayo’s steamer comes up nearly to our camp, the other by Grove Warf, which is fifteen miles off, over a very bad road, and we seldom have a chance to get things over.
            The recent snow, hail, sleet, etc., entirely blocked us up and precluded the probability of any movement until the weather and roads get better. Upon the horizon of war is the speck of peace. All things, judging from the extracts from the European and northern papers, seem to tend to an end of the war to the confusion of our enemy. It may come soon. God grant it may, for His alone will be the glory if it does. Upon the contrary the prospects may pass away, and the spirit of the evil one taking possession of the hearts of our enemies, we may have a long and bloody war. The issue as the sale moves may hang upon the prayer of a saint. Should we not then renew our strength and seek more earnestly his guidance and aid, that we will finally triumph. I have no doubt we may be saved as by fire, God’s chastisement upon the nation may be for its sin, while his purpose may be to finally give us liberty.
            The question of enlisting for another year of the war is now agitating the army in the field. I do not see my duty clearly, nor does the hand of Providence point out the course I should pursue as clearly as it did a year ago. I should ask His guidance and be governed by His direction. What do you think I should do, remain in service or give my place to others? I want your own opinion and counsel, and let me have it soon as it will have great weight with me.
            Notwithstanding the bad weather, I am very comfortable in my house, with a good fire, and my health is excellent.

                                    Your devoted husband,

                                                Jno. S. Walkter

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