Saturday, 9 January 2016

J.S. Walker's Letter (20 Feb 1862)

Camp Deas, 20th Febry, 1862

My dear Wife:

            I received yours enclosing Luly’s. My duties will required me to be disappointed, and my friends, by the proposed trip home. I hope the weight of bad news we are receiving from different directions will have the effect of putting our people more fully upon the defensive, and our praying people to trusting more in God. You are right, even if the enemy be at Rocketts, put your trust in God and he will keep you and yours. I am willing to trust my God to the end and I hope I am now nearer the goal, my Father in Heaven, than ever in my life.
            Love to all. I write in haste to send by an opportunity that occurs.

                                    Yours very affectly ever,

                                                Jno. S. Walker.

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