Sunday, 23 January 2011

Gen. Edwin Bakerton, Lord Chalgrove

As much as I love my growing Confederate Army of Oxford, I have to admit, they are just a little bit drab. Gray and butternut just aren't flashy colours, especially when the uniforms are only 28mm high. So, I've been looking for ways I can add a little bit of color to the army. Here is my first effort, Gen. Edwin Bakerton, Lord Chalgrove.

Inspired by the story of Camille Armand Jules Marie, Prince de Polignac, the French Prince who fought for the Confederacy, I thought I would add a bit of aristocracy to my own army. Lord Chalgrove, known affectionatly to his men as 'Ol' Eddy Chlagrove' will command one infantry wing of my army once it has been assembled.  He is a veteran of the Crimea, where he lost is left-forearm. Unable to adjust to civilian life, he travelled to America, where his nephew owned a plantation in Louisana, and got caught up in the succession crisis, offering his military expertise to the Confederacy.

The figure comes from Empress Miniatures. It is actually from their Zulu War range. Although the figure is a bit anachronistic, I don't think it is overly out of place in the Confederacy.


  1. Nice paint-job conversion of Empress Minis' Colonel Anthony Durnford figure! I did a similar thing, swapping out Durnford's head for a bearded head wearing a foreign service helmet, so he could stand in as the similarly left-forearm-less General Samuel Browne with my Anglo-Indian Second Afghan War forces (Browne had lost his in the Indian Mutiny). I think the distinctive shaggy and "droopy" mustache works well for a Southern aristo, be he expat Britisher or homegrown. Well done!