Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Walker Family

Here is the only picture I have of John Stewart Walker's family. It is a rough photocopy, and I have no idea who holds the original. Still, I feel very luck to posses any image of them at all. The front row from the left to right: Mary, Lucy Otey Walker (wife of J.S.W.), baby John Stewart Jr., and Lucy.  Standing at the back is my great-grandfather, David. 

Written on the page, I believe in the hand of my great uncle, is a note saying 'His wife sent the picture to him a few months before he was killed at Malvern Hill'. It would certainly explain why the picture was taken and why John Sr. is absent. Also, it appears that David is wearing a military style hat, possibly with crossed cannons?  

Another detail I like in this picture is that the little girls are wearing dresses obviously made from the same material. Of course this makes perfect economic sense, but how many parents would dare do such a thing today? 

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  1. Isn't that Lele's Dad or your great, great grandfather? Jim McCullough , your great cousin;)