Monday, 18 July 2011

J. S. Walker's Nineteenth Letter

King’s Mill Warf,
Camp Adams,
22d July, 1861.

                I only propose dropping you a line to acknowledge the receipt of the bread and tomatoes and to say that I am well and that I received by Allen Lyon the two books, which on yesterday, Sunday, were food to my hungry soul, for camp life is no friend to grace, and devotional exercises are confined to the closet pretty much. A watchful spirit standing sentinel, a guilty conscience too often prisoner, but thanks to the Lord, a kind Saviour ever ready as mediator and pleader, and while the camp life is no friend to grace, it may, it should be and will be to a healthy Christian a great means of grace, and to that end I pray God may improve the present opportunity and give us Grace, for without the sustaining grace from on high I would now be of all men most miserable, but with it I have peace and hope, with contentment, tho separated from all who are dear to me. Were there no hope beyond the grave to the Christian, the happiness it gives, tho surrounded by everything calculated to make life a burden in this world, it would be more than compensation for all.
                I await with interest to hear what my brothers are going to do, and regret on their account that they have to try the hardships of camp life. I pray the Lord to direct them.
                I am seriously thinking of sending all my servants that are not required for your use South, where they will have some employment, for as I am now engaged in no business and everything is getting so high in price, there is greater necessity for more rigid economy, for we know not what may be their fate. Of course, of one thing I am assured, that all things will work together for good to those that love the Lord. Oh, that I may love him more.
                Return my thanks to Kenningham for the pearls of thought, they surely are diamonds of the purest water.
                Kiss the children. Tell little Mary this is all Papa has to send her. Love to all friends and let not your prayers be limited by a contracted appreciation of God’s mercy and favour, but pray for great blessings that we may have them.

                                                                                Yours affectionately,

                                                                                Jno. S. Walker

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  1. He definitely appears to have been grounded in his faith.

    Again, thanks for sharing. They definitely are a treat!