Sunday, 4 September 2011

Back in Butternut

It’s been a few very quiet months here on the blog, for which I have two excuses. The first is softball, where I captained my Knights to a 2-11 record. The other is house hunting.

Oxford has recently been named the worst place in the United Kingdom to buy a house, based on average salary versus average house price. Thankfully, with the generous help of my father-in-law, we are just able to grab hold of the bottom rung of the property ladder. After several weeks of searching, my wife and I had an offer accepted on a house about 100 yards from where we presently live. Hopefully, if we can survive a couple of months of paperwork and lawyers, we’ll be able to move in!

The house is only slightly bigger than the one in which we presently live; however, this slight difference could mean a big difference for me. Assuming it all works out, I’m hoping to get the cupboard under the stairs as my wargaming domain, and (dream of dreams) a big miniatures display cabinet! We shall see. I’m trying not to get too excited about it at the moment.

For now, the Confederate Army of Oxford lives on a shelf in the kitchen. (Did I mention that my wife is a very understanding woman?). The wooden backdrop works well for them.

So, hopefully, in the coming weeks and months, you’ll start to see a greater frequency of posts again, except perhaps, when we finally make our move.

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