Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Sword of John Stewart Walker

Because John Stewart Walker was killed early in the war, in Virginia, and in the same unit as his brother, his body was carried home. Hence everything that he had carried with him in the war was returned to his family. One of those items was the sword he was holding when he died. This is a photograph of the sword, taken by my aunt some years ago. At the time, it was hanging on the wall of my great uncle, David Walker Jr.

I am told that I met Uncle David Walker when I was a boy, though I don't remember the event. About a year ago, another member of the family suggested that I write to him, since I was so interested in the family's Civil War history. In reply, Uncle David sent me a package with a very nice letter and a portrait of John Stewart Walker, that had obviously once been framed. It is the same image that I've used at the top of the John Stewart Walker page. In fact, the one on the blog might be a photograph of the portrait he sent.

I believe the sword has now passed on to one of David's children, and I am hopeful that I might be able to get some more pictures of it in the future.

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