Saturday, 30 March 2013

J. S. Walker's Letter (21 Dec. 1861)

Camp near Youngs Mills,
21st Dec . 1861

My dear Wife:

            I have not written for a day or two for want of something to write about. We are kept in a state of constant excitement, expecting the enemy up, but they have not yet made their appearance, and I doubt whether they will, as it is now threatening falling weather. We are all very much elated at the idea of having England with us to attend to the sea while we put them through by land. I will have stronger hopes that the Lord will show his almighty power to save and direct, and that all people will have to confess it.
            Mr. Morris goes up to take charge of a boat and will probably remain several days, and can bring anything down you may wish to send. I think by the time he comes you may safely send mattress, meats, etc., as we will be quiet by that time.
            Dr. Parker will go up on Monday and will call and see you and give you all the news. I am thankful to say that I have stronger confidence in God and have been living nearer to him, with consequently more comfort to myself, than for some time past. My desire is for holiness of heart and consistency of life, that I may be useful in my day. My prayer is to live contented with the Lord’s will, while I feel that he allows me to pray for everything. Write me often and let me know how the children get on. I have received a letter from you advising that they are all better. Kiss them for father, and give love to all friends. I am in fine health and spirits.

                                    Affectionately yours,

                                                Jno. S. Walker

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