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J. S. Walker Letter (2 March 1862)

Camp Deas, near Youngs Mill, 2d March, 1862

My very dear Wife:

            I wrote you a few days ago in anticipation of a march and an attack upon Newport News. We are still here, and I think that expedition given out for the present. We have been ordered and have sent all our heavy baggage to the rear, with an order to have our tents pitched about ten miles from here towards Williamsburg, so we may be marched back instead of forward in a few days. It seems to be the general policy to draw our lines in, and not undertake to defend so much country with our small forces compared with the enemies.
I expect it will be right rough going into tents this season of the year, after being two months in comfortable log huts, but that good Heavenly Father which has kept me in health so far still reigns and will temper the weather (wind) to the shorn lamb. I will trust Him to the last. I do not know when I shall be able to get home and will have to be content.
I wanted to go up to recruit my Company for the war, but Providence seems to be against it, and I submit willingly, knowing that He knows what is best and the end will prove it. Say to Bro. David if he can get any recruits for my Company to do so.
I think if you will direct your letters to Capt. Jno. S. Walker, 15th Regt., Virga. Vols., Yorktown, I think  I will get them. I cannot now say where I will be a few days hence.
I do earnestly hope that the uprising of a nation to prayer on fast day is to tell for our present and eternal good as a people, and that Christians everywhere will continue constant prayer for our speedy deliverance from our enemies. Prayer with its attendant blessings of Heavenly recognition and Divine interposition alone can save us, and not our strong arm alone in which we have boasted and trusted.
Give my love to all and kiss the dear little ones for father, and may the Lord continues His comfort and protection to you all.

                                    Your affectionate husband,

                                                Jno. S. Walker

P. S. Sunday evening. We have orders to have two days’ rations cooked and I think it more than probable that we will march tomorrow for Newport News to attack it. I shall go trusting in God and entrusting you and the children to His care. Remember us in your prayers, and come what may, life or death, prison or liberty, let your faith in the promise that all things work together for good sustain you. Say nothing about the movement and give no credit to idle rumors you may hear.

                        Ever yours affectionately,

                                    Jno. S. Walker

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