Friday, 26 February 2016

J. S. Walker Letter (6 March 1862)

Camp near Leeds Mill,
Postoffice Yourktown,
6th March, 1862.

My dear Wife:

                I wrote that we would go Newport News. Instead of that we have broken up our winter quarters and moved back seven miles to this place and are now living in tents or marched in the rain up to our knees in mud, sometimes over the top of my boots, laid out all night in the rain and now on the damp ground. I am very, very well and hope I may so continue. I have not received your box of goodies and fear I will never see it.
                I do not know whether my Company will re-enlist or not and whether I will be Captain of it. I wait on Providential direction. I do not think, after the duty I have performed in the cause, that I should be bound to go into the ranks provided I do not get up a Company, and shall not do it unless it becomes a case of greater necessity than now is. The recent hard march of our Regiment has dispirited the men for the Infantry service.
                I am writing on my knee, so you must overlook the bad writing, and I hasten to send it to the Post, as I have opportunity and wish to relieve you of any anxiety on the subject of my movements. I do not now know when I shall be able to get home, but try and be contented.
                Kiss the dear children, and give love to all friends.

                                                                Yours ever affectionately,

                                                                                Jno. S. Walker

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