Monday, 16 January 2012

J. S. Walker's Twenty-Eighth Letter

Warwick C. H., 16th Sept., 1861

My dear Wife:

     I write to let you know that after a sojourn here of one day with all the trouble of pitching our tents, we have to pull up and pitch again five miles below here, near Young’s Mill, seven miles from Newport News. Our commanding officers anticipate an attack from Gen. Wood very soon, tho I do not.
     You must expect great irregularity in hearing from me, as I will be a long way from a post office.
     I am in excellent health, and tho the sickness of the Regiment increases daily, I am as well as usual, but if I get sick you may rest assured I will get home, as there are no facilities here for making a sick man comfortable.
     Kiss the dear children and remember me affectionately to all friends.

                                                Yours very affectionately,

                                                                Jno. S. Walker

In haste.

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