Sunday, 29 January 2012

Mississippi Naval Academy Brigade

As I'm nearly finished assembling the Confederate Army of Oxford, I wanted to added a couple of unique units to give the army a bit more color. Inspired by the Virginia Military Academy cadets who fought at the battle of New Market, I thought it would be fun to add a similar unit to my army.

Here's the story. With the outbreak of hostilities in 1860, Mississippi assembled its own naval academy, knowing that control of the river would prove crucial. However, by 1864, with the river completely under Union control, the cadets were re-equipped and retrained to fight as infantry, but kept their distinct uniforms.

The miniatures are by Empress Miniatures and are intended to be British soldiers during the Maori War. They are really top-notch miniatures, and it is definately worth finding an excuse to work them into your army. (Click on the images to get a larger view)


  1. Not only are they nicely painted, but that's also a brill idea and I just might nip that from you!


  2. Being from Mississippi and employed at the state archives, my first thought was, "What the heck?" But then I continued reading about your Army of Oxford and the lightbulb suddenly got brighter.

    Nicely painted unit and certainly plausible in an imagi-nation sort of way.


  3. That's a very clever and imaginative idea, and you really did it justice with your painting. Is this part of a larger plan to do an alt ACW campaign?

  4. Thanks for the kind words guys. There is more information about the Confederate Army of Oxford and plans for their future coming soon.