Saturday, 7 January 2012

J. S. Walker's Twenty-Seventh Letter

Camp DeSoto,
12th Sept., 1861

My very dear Wife:

                I have an opportunity of writing today and avail myself of it. We are at such an out of the way place that I write when I have a chance.
                I have not heard from you since I left, but feel no uneasiness on that account, since I know that the Lord reigneth, ruleth, and protecteth my family better than I could. Should you fail to hear from me for some time together, attribute it to the want of opportunity to write and not as you most likely would do, to sickness, etc. I am thankful to a good Father above for health of body and mind, and I hope an increasing spiritual experience. I am thrown entirely on my own dependence now upon the Lord, for everything in our Regiment is going to the dogs, and I understand Col. August is to return to us from Richmond, but the Lord can provide a way of escape from my surrounding troubles, and I will trust him to the end.
                I am pained to hear that Frank Boggs has turned out a perfect sot and had to resign his post as Captain. The temptations of camp to dissipation are very strong, and tho I think occasionally a drink is good for the health, yet I have determined to forego it altogether even should I be sick for it, lest my example should lead others astray, and yet the abuse is the sin and not the needful use.
                                                Kiss the dear children for father. In great haste,

                                                                Your ever affectionate husband,

                                                                                Jno S. Walker

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